Georgie Salazar
Georgie is a professional organizer. Over the years of dealing with the chaos of raising four beautiful children she has developed the skills and mindset on how to approach messy situations in any room of the house.

Through homeschooling and managing the transition of 5 house moves across the east coast and Midwest, she has learned and developed the organizational expertise and aesthetic eye of a professional interior designer.

As a mother, she has always been diligent, a hard worker and has countlessly provided that extra sweet touch to ensure that the house has a charming family feel.

She’s a firm believer that the most important things in life are not necessarily the amount of our personal items, but rather, the person and the treasures they’ve cherished that truly makes the difference.

Rest assured knowing that not only are you investing in a professional who has the background to organize your home but also has the special touch to personalize and ensure that your experience will be tailored to suit your specific requests.

Georgie has never thought of this service as simply “moving stuff” but rather helping people clear the overwhelming thoughts of stress that come with clutter.